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Entrepreneur/Solo Operator

“Carole is a highly experienced marketing specialist specialising in women coaches. She has helped me clarify my positioning in the market and together we have created a effective plan for growing my business. Her passion shines through. I feel she really believes in me and in what I intend to achieve. It’s great to have you on my corner, Carole!”
Sue Plumtree, The UK’s leading Life Enhancing Coach

“What I first noticed about Carole was her fantastic communication skills, she is able to quickly convey the big picture and get everyone on a project up to speed. She can delve into the detail and clarify any issues of concern so that everyone can all hit the deck running when a project goes live. Furthermore she is relentless at keeping everyone updated throughout a project as she knows that an informed team is a productive team. Carole also has exceptional listening skills and always encourages members of the team to put forward alternative views and ideas so that together we can give the client the best possible outcome. I enjoyed working with Carole and would always work with her again.”
Nick Wright, Owner, Nicholas James Creative Limited

“Carole is professional, strategic, well connected and has an excellent understanding of how to plan and execute marketing campaigns that drive traffic, generate business growth and deliver a significant return on investment.”
Andrew Collis, Director, Andrew Collis Communications



“I worked with Carole when she was at Towers Watson, providing PR consultancy for the Risk and Financial Services division. Carole held deep expertise on the technical subject matter around insurance regulation and risk management, and used this to help guide us, as the agency, in delivering outcomes that would have maximum commercial impact. She was seen within the organisation as a respected and reliable advisor, and led a programme of ‘InForum’ thought leadership events for Towers Watson which were extremely well attended by senior figures in the insurance industry.”
Ed O’Brien, (former) Account Director, Ketchum Pleon



“I had the pleasure of working closely with Carole at Penna Plc. During the time we worked together Carole demonstrated an enviable ability to take a project by the horns and see it through to a successful conclusion, on time and on budget. Whether this was a research project that garnered impressive media coverage, or an event that appealed to senior executives, Carole was always focused on delivering a high quality result that was consistent with the brand. In my experience Carole is able to strike the sweet spot between having a firm stance on quality and detail, whilst maintaining the project within the agreed parameters. I have often seen her negotiating a little extra flexibility from a supplier to ensure she achieves the result she’s looking for. A good networker and diligent about meeting the needs of her clients, Carole is well placed to lead the Blueprint Practice to success.”
Trevor Lambert (former) Head of Marketing, Penna Plc

“Carole has a wealth of experience across professional services, much of it covering complex subject matters. At Towers Watson, Carole built an extensive network across the company and was always keen to extend this reach to include other colleagues. She establishes leadership quickly, working with the right people to move projects forward. She is excellent at taking a business topic and distilling it into client facing material and working hand in hand with agencies to deliver a result, be it a PR campaign, an event or a series of internal workshops.”
Diane Cunningham, (former) European Marketing & Business Development Manager, Towers Watson