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Build a six-figure business

How i serve 

Personal Clothing, Accessories, Hair & Makeup

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What I Offer

One-to-one Coaching

You’ve been in business for a while now and although you’ve managed to navigate the ups and downs of running a business you still experience feast and famine months and you’re confused as to the next best step to take.

What you are clear on is that you want to create a six-figure business and beyond and you are committed to achieving this goal.

You are now ready to make that investment in yourself and get behind the actions you need to take to create the business of your dreams while not being a slave to your work.

Ready to take that next step? Then one-to-one coaching is for you.

90-Day Mastermind

Build a business that delivers on your dreams of being successful, without losing your sanity to overwhelm.

Wave goodbye to excuses and sitting on the sidelines wondering when it will be your turn to make it happen.

Flip the switch that says, ‘Yes I’m ready for more clients, more money and more success’ and gets it all.

Embrace a new truth that you can have a business that provides the lifestyle you desire without the sleepless nights and worry.

The 90-Day Mastermind is the perfect solution for you

Sales Mastery:

Conversations that Convert

The only way you can serve as many people as you can is by selling. And now you can sell, without coming across as pushy, manipulative, or worse, aggressive.  

No more discounting your services before you even get on the phone with your potential clients to have that sales conversation.

No more under-charging for your services, talents or gifts just a flow of AMAZING clients who are eager to work with you.

Sales Mastery: Conversations that Convert

is an 8-week online course.

Client Attraction Academy

A monthly online membership for ambitious business owners who want to attract their dream clients but are struggling to make themselves visible and be seen as the GO TO person in their niche.

We run weekly calls, make sure there is lots of accountability so you take action, monthly masterclasses and video trainings to help you be in full ALIGNMENT with who you are, how you work and who you want to work with.

Now is your time to create a bank balance you never even DREAMED of while establishing a balance in your life and not being a slave to your work. 

Client Attraction Academy is a monthly subscription.

Rich, Hot & Spiritual

"Rich, Hot and Spiritual was a delightful mixture of everything a good networking event should be. I left the event having been introduced to some great new business contacts, been enlightened by excellent speakers and to top it all, eaten great food in superb venue. Carole Bozkurt, you did it again – brilliant!

Ruth Watkins – Absolute Exclusive

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Rich, Hot & Spiritual networking meeting recently – what a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded business owners who are absolutely enthusiastic about growing their business and network. I met a number of high quality contacts for my business ventures. The event was well-run, professional and the food was amazing."

Shari Mubarak – Business and Wealth Coach

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