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Why focus isn’t sexy but neither is failure!

Regardless of how agile you are as a business owner no one can spin all the plates, all of the time. In fact, trying to spin just two different plates at the same time can be extremely difficult. Why? Because unless you have a team behind you, at some point one of the plates is going to stop spinning, drop and smash, which could mean the loss of a client. This article looks at why focus is vital to business success.

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DIY PR – practical tips for promoting your business

Want to get your business on the map? The best person to focus your promotion work on is yourself. Look at how successfully Sir Richard Branson has created the Virgin brand and that is down largely to him associating his own image with everything that his companies do. You may not have the PR and advertising budget of a billion dollar business but if you are savvy enough and you follow the three practical steps outlined in this article then you could soon be creating waves of excitement for your latest products and services

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Create your signature business plan

Successful businesses no matter how big or small, whether they’re a global or local player, all have one thing in common, they always write an annual business plan. Do you know how to create your signature business plan? If not, read this article as it takes you through the steps.

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Label junkie or entrepreneur – what are you?

Are you really an entrepreneur or do you just like having the title? To be an entrepreneur you need to have the right mindset but so often business owners get caught up in the daily grid of managing their company rather than focusing on determining the strategy and finding ways to grow. Read the five key points designed to help you ensure that you have the right entrepreneurial focus.

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How to create a kick-ass first impression

In today’s economy, where over 1,500 people are being made redundant on a daily basis, is it any wonder that more and more people are deciding to start their own business? According to Barclays, over 470,000 new companies started up in the UK alone in 2011. This article examines what entrepreneurs need to take into consideration when trying to create a memorable first impression that impact successfully on their business.

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So you want to be a billion dollar brand?

Do you dream of being the biggest name in your industry? Click on the link below to find out what the three key activities the giant brands focus on to create their success and apply them to your business?

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